When asked about the Rupesh murder case, Nitish was furious, he told the reporters – did Jungleraj forget?

Nitish Kumar told journalists that action is being taken on crime, it should not be forgotten. Rupesh Kumar’s murder is very sad. The case is being investigated. Nitish Kumar said that the criminal commits crime by taking permission from someone.Reminding him of Lalu Yadav’s rule, he said that journalists should tell what is the situation before 2005? There was so much violence and crime. What is the situation today? Bihar today is at number 23 in terms of crime.

Nitish said that if someone is killed, it is very sad. The police is investigating the entire case and the speedy trial will be conducted after the culprits are caught. The DGP has assured me that the matter is being thoroughly investigated. It should also be investigated what is the reason for the murder and what is the reason for the murder. He said that I ask the journalists what are you guys supporting? Why does the media not highlight the crime committed under husband and wife?
There was a fierce debate between Nitish Kumar and journalists on the issue of law and order. Nitish told journalists that if they get information about any crime, then tell DGP. Journalists said that DGP sahib does not pick up the phone. After this, Nitish Kumar directly called DGP SK Singhal.

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