Russia told India special but expressed concern on one front

Amid speculation of increasing distance in relations between India and Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavroff said on Monday that India is very special for Russia.
The Russian Foreign Minister was asked by an Indian journalist how do you see the spread of relations between India and Russia in the changing global situation? Especially when there is a danger of imposing sanctions from some countries regarding the defense relations between Russia and India. These include India’s S-400 deal with Russia.

In response to this question, the Russian Foreign Minister said, “The partnership between India and Russia is very wide. You can also call it a strategic partnership. Our strategic partnership was called a special strategic partnership after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power. Russia and India have a very special relationship. India is very close to Russia. Is very strategic. Whether you look at it at the level of economy, at the level of innovation, hitech or at the level of military technology. ”
“We are all very close on the front. India is one of our closest partners. Obviously there is close political coordination between us. Whether it is within the United Nations or at the BRICS level. We have done a lot together on these forums. India and Pakistan are also in Shanghai Co-Operation Corporation. We work together across the continent through these forums. It is widely known as Asia-Pacific. Dialogue between the two countries takes place from the minister’s level to the President’s and Prime Minister’s level.

Sergey Lavroff said, “We talk very openly among ourselves.” We also talk on many ideas with political issues. They also include the Indo-Pacific strategy. We do not rely only on termological changes. If you go only on the basis of term, Indo means the entire Indian Ocean. But East Africa, Persian Gulf are also included in the Indo Pacific. ”

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