Na hasati hai, Na rulati hai:weak dialogues in Bhoomi’s film

Seeing the trailer of Durgamati, it was felt that Bhoomi Pednekar is going to play a strong character.  A character who will have powerful dialogues, which will advance the story of the entire film on its own.  It was also felt that there will be many twists and turns in the film.  The poster of the film was also made such that it was as if a mega budget film would be released.  Now the expectations were raised in everyone’s mind, just to know whether those expectations are fulfilled by Bhoomi’s film or not.

 The corpse hanging on the tree, the woman falling on the stairs and many children running to save their lives.  This is the initial setup of inaccessibility, which increases the heartbeat.  The background score has also been thought that those scenes start to look bigger.  All these scandals are happening in a village where there is an old mansion.  Rani Durgamati’s mansion.  Where does it go with that mansion that many years ago Rani Durgamati was badly killed.  Since then, his soul wanders in that mansion.  The villagers do not hover around that mansion.  (Horror film set up in India is like this: P).

Well from this plot the story moves forward and we meet Water Resources Minister Ishwar Prasad (Arshad Warsi) who describes himself as a public servant.  He has made such an image that everyone sees him as honest and messiah.  His stature has increased because he has raised his voice among the people against his own government.  Actually a case is going on where the idols of God are disappearing from the ancient temples.  Due to this case, the villagers are angry and the image of the government is getting damaged.

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