A BIG Thanks to our Grand Mentor for such mesmerizing LIVE sessions on 19th, 21st and 22nd March 2020.


We understood many concepts and learnt some invaluable practices to strengthen our body and organs especially lungs.

Many of our known people, friends, relatives and family member were able to join but some were not able to make it due to variety of reasons.

Those who joined these session might have missed some part of it either beginning because they joined a bit late OR last part of it because they needed to rush OR some middle portion due to fluctuating internet connection OR due to some other reason.

You might have forgotten to share these sessions’ information OR some of your contacts want to share this information with their loved ones now since they felt that it is beneficial.

To address all these, we’ve just put together links to all 3 sessions which you can forward to all these people and share the benefits which you received.

19th March

21st March

22nd March

Feel free to share it to ALL your known and loved ones and spread these tips and tricks to maintain Good Health which Leads to Happiness.

You can also do these practices in local virtual group sessions regularly using the videos.

Deep Abdominal Breathing or Rhythmic Yogic Breathing Practice by Shri N J Reddy, Founder YPV

link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhoAKTt8w70&feature=youtu.be

Best Wishes

~YPV Team

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