Railways found empty track in Corona, created a new record by transporting freight in the history of 167 years

Indian Railways has emerged as the most preferred form of freight transport during the Corona epidemic. Due to less passenger trains running across the country, the track is getting empty for goods trains. More and faster goods are being transported from one place to another place than before. The result is that the railways have created a new record in January 2021 by transporting 119.79 million tonnes of freight, the highest in its 167-year history.
According to data from the Indian Railways, in January 2021, the railways carried a record 119.79 million tonnes of goods. Earlier in March 2019, the Railways carried 119.74 million tonnes of goods. During 01 April 2020 to 12 February 2021, railways earned Rs 99 thousand 605 crore from freight. Which is 0.8 percent more than the earnings of 98 thousand 833 crore from April 1, 2019 to February 11, 2020.

As of February 2021 data, Indian Railways had a shipment of 30.54 million tonnes. This includes 13.61 million tonnes of coal, 4.15 million tonnes, iron ore, 1.04 million tonnes, food grains, 1.03 million tonnes, fertilizer, 0.96 million tonnes of mineral oil and 1.97 million tonnes of cement (excluding clinker).

Many concessions and concessions are also being offered by Indian Railways to make freight attractive. Apart from this, with the objective of attracting new business and encouraging other existing customers, the Ministry of Railways is also holding meetings with the top leadership of iron and steel, cement, power, coal, automobile and logistics service providers.

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