Porsche Tycan Electric sets world record in drifting

We may have heard cars making the record for the highest speed but have not heard the record for the longest drift.  Yes, Porsche Tycan Electric Car has done this feat.  The record for the longest drift has been made from this electric car.  This drift was 42.171 km in which the car was drifted in a circular field.

 To make this record, the car was drifted continuously for 55 minutes at a speed of 46 km / h.  The car kept drifting non-stop, so water was constantly being sprayed in the circular ground.  The drift was completed in 210 laps.
 Note that the Porsche Tycan Electric has the Vehicle Stability feature, which makes it difficult to drift.  However, once this feature is turned off, the car can be drifted.  This car has a longer wheel base, so its stability is much better

Porsche Tycan Electric was launched in 2019.  It is a four-seater sedan car with many modern features.  This car is quite modern in terms of connectivity and safety features.  The company has used state-of-the-art technology to produce this car.

 Porsche Tychon has made many records in the past, including a record of traveling 3,425 kilometers in 24 hours.  This car can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds.

 This car has a 500 kW battery which provides 680 bhp power.  This car can run at a speed of 260 kilometers per hour.  The car has many features like connectivity, climate control and fast charging.

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