Australia: man was in coma for 7 months, police arrested as soon as he regained consciousness

In Australia, a 21-year-old man came out of coma after 7 months but as soon as he regained consciousness, the police was present to arrest him. Actually, this person is accused of killing his girlfriend. He himself fell down from the fourth floor the same night. For the last seven months, this person was in a coma and was undergoing treatment in the hospital.The man living in South Sydney fell from the fourth floor balcony of his apartment in Sydney in June last year. This man had serious head injuries and was in a coma for seven months. When the police reached this person’s apartment the next day, a 19-year-old woman was found dead in this apartment. The police allege that this woman has been beaten to death.However, it was not clear whether he deliberately jumped down or he accidentally fell down. In this case, Detective Inspector Robert Ellison says that eyewitnesses say that he had fallen below the common area of ​​the fourth floor. This means that either this person was trying to do an adventure or it was trying to suicide.Alison said that this person is very fortunate that he has survived because most people cannot survive from such a height. According to reports, the family members of the deceased girl are in a lot of trouble as the family of this girl has not been able to attend the funeral of their daughter due to Corona guidelines in Australia.Let us know that both are from China and have been together for the last two years. Both students came to Australia to study on a visa. The bail of this man has been canceled and it will have to be produced in the court with the help of video link. The same Alison said that they are trying to help the girl’s family in every way possible.

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