Zomato gave a twist to this scene of Kabir Singh on Shahid Kapoor’s birthday

Food delivery app Zomato is very active on social media these days. Whenever an issue comes up in discussion on social media, the response of this company definitely comes. Yesterday on 25 February, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor celebrated his 40th birthday. On this occasion, Zomato also shared a scene of his popular film Kabir Singh on Shahid Kapoor’s birthday and congratulated him on his birthday. Not only this, Jomato shared this scene of Kabir Singh giving a new twist.Sharing this scene of the film Kabir Singh, Jomato wrote – Happy Birthday Shahid Kapoor. We all do this when someone touches our ordered food. More than 2 thousand likes have come on this post of Zomato.After this post of Zomato went viral, people are now sharing their funny comments and memes on it.

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