Yoga Prana Vidya – Guidance Message

YPV – Advert

Make your family members, neighbours and your contacts aware of Shri N J Reddy sir’s Facebook programs ( at 7.15am, 1pm and 6.30pm) and encourage them to attend all three programs daily.

Along with this, please teach all your family members, neighbours and other contacts to

  1. Avoid losing energy due to anger, sadness, worry, unforginess. This can achieved by practising Forgiveness Sadhana
  2. Improve the immunity by increasing our Pranashakthi with the help of Deep Abdominal breathing (Rhythmic Yogic Breathing) techniques
  3. Make them do these techniques multiple times a day.
  4. Make each of them download YPV Sadhana app.
  5. Every day take time to call at least 5 new people you know and make them practise these techniques
  6. Request them to teach these to their families and their neighbours also.

Can we take this pledge to do this everyday until next 30th April?

This will be a great service to humanity at a time when we cannot go out from our homes.

May God and Guru’s blessings be upon you always.

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