When father was angered by Kajol’s decision to marry, did not talk for 4 days

Whenever it comes to the famous couples in Bollywood, the name of Ajay Devgan and Kajol is bound to come. This is such a couple in the film industry that everyone considers perfect, no news of tension between which is ever revealed.
Ajay Devgan and Kajol have been married for 22 years. The chemistry of both still impresses everyone. But the couple who are considered so successful, Kajol’s father was not happy with this marriage at one time.
Alam was that after marriage, Kajol’s father did not talk to her for four days. He remained angry with them. Now Kajol himself has explained this in detail.
In an interview to a news portal, Kajol has said that she has been married to Ajay Devgan due to her mother. She says- My father was against getting married at the age of 24. They wanted me to do some work first. But my mother supported me a lot. He said that I should do my mind. I am lucky that everyone supported me from time to time.
Kajol further says – The parents had agreed to the marriage. But my father did not talk for four whole days. He continued to believe that I should have focused on my career. But I had decided. There was no proposal, I just knew how to spend life with Ajay.
Today, after so many years, this decision of Kajol has also been proved correct and her marriage also seems to be growing strongly. Kajol and Ajay are the parents of two children. He has an elder daughter and a son.

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