What time the solar eclipse will be seen in india today??

Today Solar Eclipse 2020 is going to happen.  This is the second and last solar eclipse of the year.  Earlier on June 21, the first solar eclipse of this year (Surya Grahan 2020) was started.  Today, on the eclipse of solar, Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed, which is considered very inauspicious.  Apart from this, there is also Somvati Amavasya 2020.  During the eclipse period, the bad effects of Guru Chandal Yoga can be reduced by doing special worship of Shiva.
 When and where will the solar eclipse be seen?  (Solar Eclipse Timings in India)
 According to the Indian time (Surya Grahan 2020 Timings), this eclipse will start at 7:30 pm today and will end at 12:00 pm.  The duration of solar eclipse will be about 5 hours.  This solar eclipse will be fully visible in South Africa, most of South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic and Indian Ocean and Antarctica.  This solar eclipse will not be visible in India.
 What will be the impact in India (Solar Eclipse 2020 in India)
 This eclipse will not be seen in India due to its presence in the evening.  Due to lack of sight in India, during the eclipse period, any kind of work will not be banned.  Manglik works will also not be banned during the eclipse.
 Effect of solar eclipse on zodiac signs (Surya Grahan Effect on Zodiac Signs)
 Eclipse period is an astronomical event but is not considered auspicious religiously.  According to astrology, even though this eclipse may not be seen in India, it will have full impact on zodiac signs.  Solar eclipse today is visible in Scorpio zodiac and Jyestha constellation.  People of this zodiac need to be very careful during this eclipse period.  Due to the impact of eclipse, their respect and respect may decline and these people may also have to bear mental anguish.  People of Scorpio should worship Sun during this period.
 Special features of this solar eclipse (Surya Grahan December 2020)
 The year 2020 began with a lunar eclipse on 10 January and will end with a solar eclipse.  In total, there were 6 eclipses this year, including four lunar and 2 eclipses.  On June 21, the first solar eclipse of this year was felt and the second solar eclipse is happening today.  This solar eclipse will be a full solar eclipse.
 What is a total solar eclipse
 When the moon completely covers the sun and the rays of the sun do not reach the earth, this phenomenon is called full solar eclipse.  When the moon partially covers the Sun, this phenomenon is called partial solar eclipse.  At the same time, when the moon covers the central part of the sun and the sun starts to look like a ring, this astronomical event is called a annular solar eclipse.

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