Trump’s son pleads with Elon Musk, create social media where my father is not banned

Donald Trump’s son has pleaded with the world’s richest man and founder of companies like Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk. Trump Jr. says that Allen created a social media platform where his father would not face a ban. Significantly, on January 6, Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill and five people lost their lives during the hours-long disturbance. After this, Twitter suspended the trump’s account permanently. After Twitter’s ban, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube also banned Trump’s accounts citing civil security.
Trump’s son posted a video on Instagram asking why Elon Musk doesn’t create a social media platform? He has done a great job on the space and he has done this work on his own. He has shown this work in a better and economical manner with big governments. I think he is a person who can prove much better than a platform like Twitter.
He further said that it is not that I am advocating any conservative platform. I want a platform where I can share my thoughts with people of other ideology and not any platform where we try to control. Alan, why don’t you build such a platform? Please come with a concept. I think you are a person who can save free speech in America.
After being banned from the same mainstream social media platforms, Donald Trump said that Big Tech companies are making a big mistake. He had said that ‘this method of these companies is going to divide the people of the country and I have been saying this for a long time. These companies have made a big mistake and this will send a message to do the same in other companies and this can cause a lot of problems.On the decision to ban the same trump, the founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsi, said that this is also a failure of Twitter because we could not take enough steps to promote healthy dialogue on this platform. However, he justified his decision. Jack Dorsey said in his tweets that he is neither celebrating nor feeling any pride in this ban. He said that his Twitter account was deleted only after Trump had been warned several times.

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