The tragedy of the Weigar Muslim women of China: only they are not raped, horrible tortures are also given

On behalf of the Chinese administration, women are being raped along with the whole scheme in ‘re-education’ camps designed for Vigar Muslims in the country.  They are being made victims of sexual harassment and torture is being done.  These new things have been revealed in BBC investigation.  These incidents of rape, torture and torture will distract you.
 They (men) were always wearing masks.  Don’t be afraid of Corona, he was always seen wearing a mask.  They will be always seen wearing a suit.  They were not in police uniform.
 Any time after midnight, they would come in the cell and pick up some women.  These people used to drag them from the corridor to the ‘black room’.  There was no surveillance camera there.
 Jiavudun told, “For many nights, women were taken away from this way.”
 She says, “I will hardly be able to forget these dreadful accidents of my life. Now I do not want to say a word about these incidents by mouth. It is difficult for me to even mention them.Turusune Ziavudun Weigar has lived for nine months in secret networks of huge camps built to keep Muslims imprisoned.  These camps have been built in Xinjiang Province.  According to independent estimates, more than a million women and men have been imprisoned in these camps spread over large areas created by the Chinese government.  China says that these camps have been created to re-educate the Vigar people and other minority communities.
 Human rights organizations say that the Chinese government has gradually taken away the religious and other freedoms of the Weigar people.  Now they are monitored collectively.  They are taken into custody.  Attempts are made to change their views and even force them to be sterilized.
 This campaign was started by Chinese President Xi Jinping against the Weigar people.  In 2014, there were extremist attacks in Xinjiang on behalf of the Weigar separatists.  Documents leaked by the New York Times show that only after this he instructed the authorities not to ‘show mercy’ at all.
 Last month, the US government said that China’s action is like a massacre.  Whereas China says that the allegations that people are being collectively kept in camps and forced sterilization are absolutely false and nonsense.

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