Supreme court’s big decision on agricultural law, ban on all three laws, committee formed

Today, the Supreme Court has given a stay on the implementation of all three agricultural laws, giving a big decision on the agricultural bill. The bench headed by Chief Justice has also ordered the formation of a committee of four members. This decision of the Supreme Court has come after there is no solution to the long-running negotiations between the government and the farmers.
The Supreme Court has also constituted an expert committee to understand the objection of the farmers’ organizations after continuous agitation by the farmers. The four-member committee will include Bhupidar Singh Mann, Chairman Bhartiya Kisan Union, Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi, International Expert, Ashok Gulati, Agricultural Economist and Anil Dhanwat, Sivakeri Sanghatana, Maharashtra. After this, the committee has been welcomed by the Attorney General. During the hearing on the petitions challenging the agricultural law, the CJI said that the committee is part of the judicial process in this case. We are planning to suspend the laws but this will not happen indefinitely.
In the hearing today, the Supreme Court took note of Harish Salve’s charge, stating that banned organizations are funding this demonstration. During the hearing, it was said on behalf of the government that Khalistani elements have been infiltrated in the peasant movement. On January 26, on behalf of the Farmers Tractor March proposed by farmers, Attorney General KK Venugopal on behalf of the Government of India said that due to Republic Day in Delhi, they cannot be allowed to enter the capital. On this argument, the Chief Justice asked if he confirmed the involvement of Khalistani elements in the peasant movement. The Attorney General said that yes they confirm it. At this, the Chief General was asked by the Attorney General to file an affidavit in this regard. The Attorney General said that on Wednesday, both the affidavit and the IB report would be presented in the court. After this, the Supreme Court said that it should be left to the police, we do not have the right to decide it.
Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Court had said in the hearing on the Farmers Protest that we can also suspend the law. The Supreme Court expressed displeasure over the decision of the Modi government at the Center to settle the dispute and asked whether it suspends the law or that it should stop it. At the same time, the court also said that the farmers’ concerns need to be placed before the committee.

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