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Study claims: Climate change will increase the intensity of sudden drought in India

Climate change will increase the intensity of future droughts in India, which will have a negative impact on crop production, increase irrigation demand and exploitation of groundwater. This has been claimed in a study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar.According to the researchers, a sudden decrease in soil moisture will increase the intensity of a sudden drought. A larger area can be affected within two-three weeks due to sudden drought as compared to conventional drought. This will have a very bad effect on the crop and will increase the demand for water for irrigation.The study is published in the NPJ Climate Journal. It explores the role of human-caused climate change in the drought that occurs during the monsoon. The researchers used soil samples and climate estimates collected from the Indian Meteorological Department in the study. It is noteworthy that researchers have also mentioned in their study that the worst drought occurred between 1951 and 2016 in 1979. During this time more than 40 percent of the country was affected by it.

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