Sources told that JJP and BJP agree for new government :Haryana Election

The biggest news of Haryana politics is coming. If sources are to be believed, a consensus has been reached between the Bharatiya Janta Party and the Jan Nayak Janta Party to form a new government in Haryana. The BJP is said to have given the posts of deputy CM and two ministers to the Jan Nayak Janata Party. It is proposed to make Dushyant Chautala the deputy CM.

A coalition may be announced tonight. It is being told that BJP President and Home Minister Amit Shah is coming back to Delhi from the midst of visiting Ahmedabad. There will be a meeting of BJP leaders late in the evening.

Hooda also offered Dushyant

At the same time, former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda has also offered the Jananayak Janata Party to come to the Congress. Hooda said that the minimum common program of the Congress is the same. Significantly, Dushyant Chautala had said in the press conference that a common minimum program is necessary for the alliance. Bhupinder Singh has said on this that he is already included in our manifesto. He said that if JJP comes with us, we will give him full respect.

During the press conference, Dushyant had said this , Chautala said, ‘Today the proposal has been passed in the meeting of MLAs that I will be the leader of JJP Legislature Party. Right now the stance on joining hands with BJP or Congress is not clear. We will consider supporting those who give respect. I have not met any leader yet. We would like to go with like-minded people. The JJP leader said that although many colleagues have spoken about going with the BJP, some are asking to go with the Congress. We have fought elections against both BJP and Congress. We will only support the party with the Common Minimum Program.

After the press conference, Hooda has now said that if the JJP comes together, there will be no problem in forming the government. He said that if we sit together, we will also talk on other issues.

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