Sonu Sood changed young man’s life, will stand on his feet after 12 years

Film star Sonu Sood remains in the discussion.  Sonu Sood, who creates a spark of happiness in someone’s moist eyes, is getting the full support of Dr. Ashwani, the young neuro surgeon of Virk Hospital, Karnal.  Thanks to Sonu Sood, Aman of Chhattisgarh, who has been fighting for his life for the last 12 years, got a new life.
 Sonu Sood helped Aman was in bed for the last 12 years due to a serious spinal disease.  Aman’s father lives in a rented house and drives a rented auto.  The two had no choice but to see their young son tormenting due to the scarcity of money and expensive treatment, but Aman made an effort while lying on the bed, due to which now Aman would soon be able to stand on his feet.  Aman’s parents do not get tired of praising Sonu Sood and Dr. Ashwani because it is because of these two that their dreams related to Aman will all turn into reality

 Aman was treated through Sonu Sood at the Virk Hospital in Karnal under the supervision of neuro surgeon Dr. Ashwani, Aman underwent spinal surgery through his mouth which lasted for several hours.  But now Aman’s smile is telling his future.  Ashwani, who gave a new life to Aman, has undergone around 1 thousand head and spinal surgeries so far.  Sonu Sood considers himself lucky that he got an opportunity to help such people who were in dire need of help.

 Explain that in view of the threat of Corona virus, a lockdown was implemented in March across the country.  After this, many people had a food crisis.  During this time, Sonu Sood was revealed to be the Messiah.  Sonu Sood had helped people after getting information from social media.

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