Sonia’s letter to PM on increasing prices of petrol and diesel

Opposition has been continuously targeting the government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel in India. Meanwhile, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. In this, they have demanded withdrawal of the increased prices of petrol and diesel. At the same time, the government is putting the blame of its economic failures on the previous governments. He wrote, Take back the increased prices of fuel and extend its benefits to our middle and salaried class, farmers and poor. In the letter, Sonia Gandhi said, I am writing to tell you about the suffering and deep crisis of every citizen. On the one hand, job cuts, wages and household incomes are falling in India. The middle class and the people at the margins of our society are struggling. In the midst of these challenges, there has been an unprecedented rise in the prices of almost all domestic and essential commodities. Sonia said, fuel prices are increasing historically and permanently. Even in many parts of the country, the price of petrol has reached 100 rupees. The rising price of diesel has added to the woes of millions of farmers. Most citizens do not understand that despite the nominal crude oil prices in the international market, fuel prices have been increased in India.

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