Sonia Gandhi questions PM: ‘When and how will govt take back land occupied by China?’

Unfazed by the attacks from the Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Friday reiterated that China has intruded into India’s territory in Ladakh region and demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi tell the nation how he will take back the land from the clutches of the Chinese Army.

In a video message released today afternoon on the Congress’ official Twitter handle, Sonia charged the government of running away from its responsibilities.

“Today, when the situation is tense at the India-China border, the government cannot go back from its responsibility. The Prime Minister says there was ‘no intrusion in our territory’. But the Raksha Mantri and the Videsh Mantralaya discussed a lot many times about the presence of Chinese soldiers in large numbers and intrusion by them,”

she said.

“Generals of our force, defence experts and newspapers are confirming about the Chinese intrusion by showing satellite images,” she said while backing her claim that Chinese soldiers entered into India’s territory.

“Today when we are paying tributes to martyrs, the nation wants to know if China didn’t occupy our land in Ladakh, like the PM is saying, then how and why our 20 soldiers were killed?”

she asked.

“When and how will the Modi government take back the piece of land occupied by China in Ladakh?” the Congress president questioned.

Sonia Gandhi also demanded from the Prime Minister to take the nation into confidence on the matter.

“The government should extend full support to the Indian Army, this is real patriotism,”

she said.

The Congress party has been questioning the Modi government over the killing of 20 Indian soldiers in a hand-to-hand clash with Chinese troops in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley earlier this month. The party leaders have accused the PM of giving a clean chit to China and claimed that India has surrendered before Chinese forces in Ladakh.


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