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Some big & important rules can finish by Sourav Ganguly as a president of BCCI.

Sourav Ganguly, one of the most successful captains of the Indian cricket team, will formally become the new BCCI President on 23 October. Saurav ​​Ganguly has always been known as the troubleshooter of Indian cricket. When he became the captain of the team, the Indian team was going through a transition after the veteran players retired. And now that he is becoming the president of BCCI, the image of the board is not very good. In such a situation, there are high hopes from Ganguly that he will reproduce the strong image of BCCI and take many tough and important steps. Sourav Ganguly has given this indication through a statement on Monday.

Sourav Ganguly said, ‘Conflict of interest is one of the biggest issues facing Indian cricket because its controversial rules are preventing the best cricketers from coming into the administration of the game. Ganguly himself has faced the issue of conflict of interest. He was accused of playing a double role due to the Bengal Cricket Association (CAB) and the IPL franchise Delhi Capitals being mentors. He has already parted from Delhi Capitals, while on October 23, he will also resign from the post of Chairman of CAB after taking over as BCCI President. In such a situation, there is every possibility that Ganguly should take a big decision regarding this rule after becoming the president.

Former BCCI President N.K. After filing nominations with veteran cricket administrators like Srinivasan, Rajiv Shukla and Niranjan Shah, Sourav Ganguly told reporters here, “The issue of conflict of interest is big and I don’t know that I can hire the best cricketers.” Will I get it or not because they will also have other options. Ganguly made it clear that the current rule of ‘one person one post’ will prevent former cricket veterans from coming into administration as they will also need to earn their livelihood. Here Rajiv Shukla said that we have elected Sourav Ganguly as the BCCI President and it will be announced on 23 October.

The former Indian captain was part of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) against which Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association member Sanjeev Gupta made a number of complaints to conduct officer DK Jain. The CAC was dissolved following these complaints. Ganguly said that this provision (rules related to conflict of interest) is causing confusion. If you look at various appointments, there is something with everyone. It also raised questions on the appointment of NCA or CAC or batting, fielding coaches. There have also been issues regarding commentators and IPL. This is a serious issue for Indian cricket which needs to be resolved soon.

while talking to reporters in Mumbai, he said that at the moment my priority is the issue of domestic cricket and conflict of interest. I will pay more attention to Ranji cricket in particular. Apart from this, there is also the goal of looking at their economic interests. He said, ‘My agenda will also be based on the economic issue because in the last three-four years, the BCCI has not received as much funds from the ICC as it should. India contributes 70 to 80 percent of the ICC’s total revenue. In this case, this issue is very important.

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