Russia’s foreign minister said – India in anti-China game

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday that Western forces are using an aggressive and deceitful policy to involve India in their game against China.  Lavrov also accused the Western countries that they were trying to weaken his relations with Russia’s close partner India.
 The Foreign Minister of Russia made this statement during a meeting of the Council of Russian Affairs, the Russian government think tank.  Russia also targeted America’s Indo-Pacific strategy countering China’s growing influence.  Apart from Japan, Australia, India also has an important role in the Indo-Pacific strategy of America.  The Trump administration has criticized China’s ‘expansionist stance’ several times after the military conflict in Ladakh and underscored a strong partnership with India.

 Russia and India have historically had good relations.  The relationship between the two countries is so deep that even the US has objected.  From Nehru to Narendra Modi, Russia gave important place in its foreign policy.  As long as the Soviet Union remained, India continued to take inspiration from the system there and after its collapse there was no bitterness in the relationship. However, on the other hand, relations between Russia and China have also been good.  In such a situation, the competition of America and Russia becomes a major challenge for India.
 The Foreign Minister of Russia criticized the Western forces, saying that Western countries feel that only their position and their efforts can be right.  The Russian Foreign Minister said that despite all differences Russia wants to work within the ambit of global organizations.  He said, Western countries want to establish a unipolar global system but Russia and China will never become its hanger.

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