Rahul-Priyanka left for Jantar Mantar outside Delhi Raj Bhavan

Today Congress Party is celebrating Farmers’ Rights Day against agricultural laws. Demonstrations are being held in different parts of the country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi himself has taken command in Delhi.
On the issue of agricultural law, the Congress party is once again performing nationwide. Farmers’ Rights Day is being celebrated by the Congress, under which the atmosphere is being created against the central government from the road to social media. Congress besieged the Raj Bhavan in Delhi. This protest was led by Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Congress workers led by Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra have left to surround the Raj Bhavan in Delhi. Police have set up barricades before the Raj Bhavan, so that the Congressmen can be stopped. However, after some time, Priyanka left the protest venue.
The police have stopped the Congress workers going to besiege the Raj Bhavan in Lucknow. There was a tip from the police. Police has arrested several activists including Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu.
Congress’s performance in Delhi is going on continuously and there is preparation to surround the Raj Bhavan. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has also joined this protest in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi is also going to reach here in a while.
Actually, the Congress is celebrating Farmers’ Rights Day today, under which demonstrations are being done across the country. The Congress plan is to protest against the agricultural law in all district headquarters of the country and then submit a memorandum. The Congress has done a similar demonstration before this, it was announced on behalf of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Also, a campaign is being run on social media, under which people are being appealed to speak on the issue of farmer agitation, rising prices of petrol and diesel. Rahul Gandhi has also appealed people to join this campaign.Let us know that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been surrounding the Modi government on this issue for a long time. Rahul has termed all the three laws as harmful for the farmers, as well as has described it as the right of rich businessmen. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi has surrounded the Center that many farmers have died due to his insistence, in such a situation, the laws should be withdrawn.

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