Rahul Gandhi’s taunt on Modi government

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has taunted the Modi government at the Center.  Rahul Gandhi has accused the Modi government that the current government is bringing profits to its capitalist friends.  Rahul has tweeted on the rise in the inflation rate on the central government and has targeted the central government.
 Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Food inflation has crossed 11.1%!  But instead of increasing DA of Central PSU employees, Modi government is freezing.  The condition of government employees battered, the capitalist ‘friend’ busy in making profits! ”
 On Thursday, while targeting PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi had made a tweet, Rahul wrote while sharing a chart, this is the report card of the Modi government, the country is at the forefront of the corona death rate, behind the GDP rate.  Earlier Rahul had said that banks are in trouble and also GDP.  Is it development or destruction?
 Food inflation rises to 11.1%!
 But the Modi government is freezing instead of increasing the DA of the Central PSU employees.

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