Now, know the price.Google Pixel 4 launched, these are the features with the fastest face unlock.

Google has launched the Pixel 4 (Google Pixel 4) smartphone. Its launch event took place in New York, USA. In this event, Google also launched devices like Pixel Buds, PixelBook Go, Nest Home Mini along with Pixel 4 phones.

Features of Google Pixel 4 (Google Pixel 4) – Google Pixel 4 which has launched in its new face. It will get motion sense feature. There will also be a new jester control. There will also be an additional feature for gaming and digital care. Google Assistant can also run on this device. Google says that all the data on it will be secure. For this, Titan M chip has been installed in the device which will keep all the data secure.

Its display will be very good. It will have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which will be seen for the first time in a pixel phone. Android 10 will be used in this and its price will be $ 799 i.e. about 57 thousand rupees.

Camera of Google Pixel 4:
 Its camera will be quite brilliant. This will enable HDR photos to be taken in real time. It will have different sliders for brightness and shadow. The phone will also have automatic white balancing. It will also have the most special astro photography feature, which will be able to take photos of the entire galaxy when taken in the open sky at night.

 According to Google, Pixel buds will start meeting by the year 2020. it will keep you aware. It felt in your ears that you would hear the sound of the car coming from behind. Its price will be $ 179 i.e. around 11,500 rupees.

Google Pixel Book Go Launch-
Google has also launched Pixel Book Go. Till now only available in black color. Now ‘Not Pink’ will also be available in color. Google has taken great care of battery life in Pixel Book Go. Its battery life will be 12 hours. Its keyboard will be quite new.

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