Nitish’s new education minister has been in controversies, suspended on corruption charges

Mewalal Chaudhary, who was made a minister in the Bihar government, has got an important ministry like education today.  Controversy has arisen in the midst of making Mevalal a minister.  Mevalal Chaudhary is accused of rigging the appointment of Assistant Professor.  When asked about this, he was seen escaping from the camera.
 In fact, JDU leader Mevalal Chaudhary had come to face corruption case in the appointment of assistant professors while vice-chancellor of Sabour Agricultural University.  In this case, an FIR was also filed against them and the party also suspended them.  He was the Vice Chancellor of Sabour Agricultural University between 2010-15.
 Mevalal Chaudhary is accused of rigging the restoration of a junior scientist and a scam in building construction.  The Monitoring Bureau had investigated the matter.  Special Vigilance filed a case against Mevalal Chaudhary in 2017 and a case was registered in 2017 at Sabour police station in Bhagalpur.
 There are still corruption cases filed against JDU MLA Mevalal Chaudhary under sections 409, 420, 46,7 468, 471 and 120B of IPC, a case is pending against them in the court of ADJ-1, Bhagalpur.
 Who is Mevalal Chaudhary Mevalal Chaudhary, who became a minister from JDU quota, has been included in the cabinet for the first time.  A second time MLA has been elected from Bihar’s Tarapur assembly constituency on a JDU ticket.  Mevalal Chaudhary became MLA for the first time in 2015, whereas till then he has been a teacher.  They come from the Koiri community.

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