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Night curfew in Delhi from 10 to 5 in the night

The Delhi government has decided to impose night curfew in the city, in view of the increasing cases of corona in Delhi and the rising infection rate.  As per the order issued by the government, the night curfew has come into force with immediate effect and the night curfew will remain in force till 30 April.  The order issued by the Chief Secretary said that this step has been taken with regard to the safety of the people of Delhi, because there has been a lot of jump in the corona cases in Delhi.  Let’s know the highlights of the guidelines issued for the night curfew …
 Know who will get discount 1. No stop on traffic movement, public vehicles like bus, metro, auto, taxi will run

 2. Only those people who are exempted from the night curfew will be allowed to sit in such modes of public transport.
 3. Leave to leave the house to get vaccinated at night, but e-pass will have to be made

 4. Shoppers of ration, general, fruits, vegetables, medical stores will also have to make e-passes.
 5. People associated with print and electronic media will also have to take e-pass.6. If you are going to the airport, railway station, bus terminal then you have to show the ticket, then you will get the exemption from the curfew
 7. Private doctors, nurses, paramedical staff exempted from night curfew, they have to show identity card

 8. There is no restriction for pregnant women and patients going for treatment.
 Purpose of prohibiting non-essential activities In fact, the government says that the basic purpose of the night curfew is to curb the non-essential activities of the people.  People who provide essential services and those who are discharged from essential work and freight operations will be outside the purview of the night curfew.  Night curfew will be imposed from 10 to 5 in the night.  Keep in mind that night curfew is also applicable in Maharashtra, but there is a night curfew in force from 8 o’clock.

 Special features of night curfew in Delhi In Delhi, between 10 am and 5 am, it will be prohibited to get out of the house and roam on the streets.  Those who violate this rule will have to pay a fine.  According to different categories, some people will be exempted from the night curfew.  In these, people connected with different types of essential services will be allowed to move.  Some people will be exempted from the night curfew after showing e-passes.  They will be issued an e-pass from the appropriate authority.

 Freight work in the night curfew will not be affected.  The order clearly states that interstate and intrastate movements, transportation (goods) will not be banned.  The government directive states that drivers will not have to make separate clearance or e-pass to move goods in or out of Delhi.

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