Meeting in Prime Minister’s Office amidst increasing cases of corona infection

An important meeting was held at this time in the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the recent surge in cases of Corona infection in the country. Central Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan was also present in the meeting. The meeting was called in view of the recent increase in the corona cases in some states of the country, especially Maharashtra and Kerala. Due to the increasing cases of Corona, night curfew has been announced in some cities of Maharashtra. If this round of increase in cases continues, the metropolis may again come under lockdown in Mumbai. Amidst this growing phase of Corona cases in the country, the administration is taking strong action against those who do not wear masks. At one time in the country, the number of new corona cases came down to the figure of 10 thousand some time ago, which is now increasing to 13-14 thousand daily.In metropolitan Mumbai, the number of corona infections, which reached near 350 daily, has jumped to 900 in the last week. This is the reason that the discussion of lockdown in the city has once again taken hold. There is no need to put a lockdown again, so while political, religious and social programs have been banned, on the one hand, a crowd of more than 50 has been banned in marriage and birthday party celebrations.

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