Mayawati supports the BJP in fight over Priyanka Gandhi’s 1,000 buses proposal

Bahujan Samaj Party national president Mayawati on Tuesday sided with the BJP in the fight over 1,000 buses being provided by the Congress to ferry migrants back home. In a series of tweets in Hindi, Mayawati said if the Congress has buses, it should send them to Lucknow. She said that a large number of people are waiting in Lucknow and are searching for transport facilities to go home.

“The BSP wants to say that if the Congress party actually has 1,000 buses, there should be no delay in sending them to Lucknow because migrant labourers in large numbers are eagerly waiting here to go home,”

she said in one of het tweets.

A fresh war of words has broken out between the Yogi Adityanath government and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra over her offer to run 1,000 buses at her party’s expense to help stranded migrants reach home.

Mayawati also appealed to the Central government to take positive steps to send migrant workers home safely by buses and trains at its expense. The government should keep in mind the economic condition of the states-

“it is also necessary to ask the state governments to make proper arrangements for food and lodging of migrants in their respective states and send them home in buses and trains”.

she added

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