Malayalam film ‘Jallikattu’ gets Oscar entry, left 27 films behind

Whether the film is from Hollywood or Bollywood, the Oscar Awards matter to everyone.  Getting an Oscar for a film would not only make it big, but it is remembered every time.  This time, instead of Hindi, a Malayalam film has got this opportunity.  Jallikattu, released in 2019, is going to represent the country at the Oscars.
 This film went to the Oscars from India
 Jallikattu is directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery.  The film was also shown at the Toronto International Film Festival before being nominated for an Oscar.  Even at that time this film was highly praised.  From the story of the film to the direction, every aspect was well liked.  Many types of emotions were inflated after watching the film.  Now, when Jallikattu is going to get a place at the Oscars too, there is a special reason behind that.
 What is special about the film?
 It is being told that the theme of Jallikattu has been greatly influenced by the jury.  It is shown in the film that humans are worse than animals in many ways.  Every character has connected with the audience and the message is also given beautifully.  For this reason, this film has been nominated for an Oscar.  But even this path has not been so easy for the film.

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