Law will be made soon on Love Jihad in UP, Home Ministry sent proposal to Law Ministry

Soon, a law will be enacted on Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh.  The Ministry of Home Affairs has sent its proposal to the Law Ministry.  Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka had announced that we will enact a new law after the murder of a young woman in Ballabgarh under the guise of the alleged Love Jihad.  So that the incidents of marriage can be stopped by greed,pressure, intimidation or bluff of marriage in the law.
 Mohsin Raza, the minister of the Yogi government, said that now in UP, it will not work like girls to be converted by converting like a mission.  This is a strong message to those jihadis who are converting under its guise.  There is complete preparation to put such people in jail.
 CM Yogi Adityanath had said that as the Allahabad High Court has clearly stated in one of its decisions that conversion to another religion marriage will be illegal.  The state government will bring a law with strict provisions in this regard and then the Ram name of those who do such actions will be true.
  – To convert religion, first state government and administration have to give notice before a certain period.  So that every single report is recorded in the government data.
 – It is also necessary to inform the people of their respective families so that they can take precaution on their behalf.  These precautions can be legal ie inheritance or will, moral or even family.
Only for the purpose of marriage or for the convenience of multi-wife marriage, it should be declared illegal to convert in other religion.  Punishment should also be strict, not just a name.  That means constitutional freedom to decide the path of your faith, but under a legal process.  It should not be only through the cost of deposit but also according to the entire legal basis.

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