Kangana Ranaut claimed to have hatched a conspiracy to defame

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is often in the news for her tweets and outrage, has now made a shocking claim. The actress says that organized and paid campaigns are being run on social media to discredit her, and who will be behind it, she will disclose when the time comes. Kangna on Thursday revealed the strength of the conspiracy going on against her through a tweet. He wrote that paid campaigns are being run against me on Instagram as well. All abusive memes and fake information are being spread on me. Kangana further wrote – My team has found the source from where money is being sent for the defamatory campaign. We have come to know of unknown companies and fake emails from where all these memes and information are coming, but inside I know who they are. When the right time comes, I will reveal his name. Kangana further said that the number of my followers on Instagram was reduced by five lakhs last week. This is a mafia racket. They unite against you. Boycott does it. However, if you remain happy and satisfied, then you ruin your image and brand. In the same way, he finished Sushant. In the same way, they harass outsiders, who do not need them for work. On Thursday, Kangana shared a photo of a meal and wrote – I don’t like anything more than my own food. This is my own recipe of Smoothi ​​for breakfast in summer, which contains lots of organic honey, fruits and dry fruits. After putting this photo of Kangana, Twitter users started trolling her.

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