Jasmine Bhasin’s entry in Bigg Boss again, something special for Ali Goni?

Contestant’s avict in Bigg Boss season 14 is not much. The contestant who is thrown out due to less votes, the contestant is again entered from the other door.Now the news is coming that Makers actress Jasmine Bhasin is going to make a comeback. After staying in Quarantine for a few days, he will be made a part of the show again.
It is being said that this time Jasmine Bhasin is going to participate in the show as a supporter rather than a contestant. She is coming on the show to support Ali Goni.
Ali and Jasmine’s chemistry is not hidden from anyone, so it doesn’t surprise the actress to come to support them. Interestingly, Ali Goni was playing this role till some time ago.
When Jasmine appeared to be a little weak in Bigg Boss, the makers made Ali Goni enter as a supporter. Ali later forced himself out to save Jasmine under a task.But after that the whole scene was overturned and Ali Goni was returned as a contestant on the show. On the other hand, low votes showed Jasmine the way out.By the way, Jasmine’s re-entry in the show is heating up the market of speculation. It is being said that this time Jasmine can express her love. She can also be seen announcing something big. In such a situation, the enthusiasm of the fans is being seen at different levels.

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