Jack Ma suddenly appeared after missing months

Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese giant Alibaba, has suddenly reappeared today (Wednesday, January 20) after missing three months. He is seen participating in a video conference. Amid worldwide criticism and heavy pressure, China’s official newspaper Global Times shared a video of him.
Popular Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma addressed rural teachers at an annual event on Wednesday through video conferencing. In the program to be broadcast online, Ma discussed how greater philanthropy should be done. However, the Alibaba founder did not mention his current location during live streaming.

Meanwhile, Alibaba shares saw a four per cent jump. However, it is not yet clear where Jack Ma is. In the video livestreaming amid rumors of his takeover of the Internet empire by the Chinese government, Ma said, “Recently I have determined to dedicate myself to education philanthropy by thinking and studying with my colleagues.” Ma said, “It is the responsibility of businessmen of our generation to work hard for rural revival and prosperity of the common man.”
Ma, who is usually between sociable and media, was last seen in Shanghai on October 25 last year. During this time Ma criticized China’s financial regulators. Since then, the market of rumors is hot that the Chinese government can take control of Alibaba. This rumor was further strengthened when Jack Ma remained missing for months.

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