International shooter accuses Smriti Irani of corruption, filing complaint

International shooter Vartika Singh has accused Union Minister and Amethi MP Smriti Irani and her colleagues of corruption.  Shooter Vartika Singh has filed a complaint in the MP-MLA court against Smriti Irani, her personal secretary Vijay Gupta and co-accused Dr. Rajneesh Singh, alleging a demand of Rs 25 lakh in the name of being made a member of the Central Women’s Commission.
 International shooter Vartika, who hails from Pratapgarh district, alleges that on the instigation of Smriti Irani, her close friends issued a fake letter for the post of a member of the Central Women’s Commission.  First, the international shooter was misled by talking big things, then after claiming a crore rate to sit on the post, there was a demand of 25 lakh rupees by saying that the girl had a good profile.
 Along with this, Vartika alleges that Smriti Irani’s close friend laughed and talked to Vartika on the social site.  Opposing the talk of loose-talk and demand for money, Vartika also warned to expose the game of corruption.  Furiously, Smriti Irani’s close and co-accused Vijay Gupta filed a case against him at the Musafirkhana police station.
 Vartika says that I have filed a complaint in the MP-MLA court about the intention of taking a fair inquiry by registering a case against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the state’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the accused who defame the BJP’s image.  The case will be heard on 2 January

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