India has found solid evidence against Pakistan

 Pakistan High Commission official in Delhi has been summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs on the issue of Nagrota incident in Jammu and Kashmir.  Evidence has been found of the Pakistan connection of the terrorists killed in the encounter on Thursday in Nagrota, Jammu.
 Pakistan connection has been revealed from the things recovered from the terrorists killed in Nagrota encounter.  It is being told that the terrorists were in constant contact with their masters sitting in Pakistan.
 A digital mobile radio (DMR) of a Pakistani company was recovered from the terrorists killed in the encounter.  It is being told that what the terrorists were talking to the bosses sitting in Pakistan, it has been found in the recovered mobile message.  The terrorists were messaged on the DMR to know where to reach.  What an atmosphere  There is no problem.  The investigating agency in this case suspects that the message was sent from Shakardadh in Pakistan.
 Intelligence sources say that the digital mobile radio belongs to the Pakistani company Micro Electronics.  The message on digital mobile radio shows that the infiltrating terrorists were in contact with their bosses across the border.  Also, the shoes of the terrorists also testify to the Pakistan connection.  The shoes that the terrorists wore were made in Karachi.  A wireless set and a GPS device were also recovered.

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