In Ayodhya Case decision Iqbal Ansari said: Whatever judgement will come, we will accept, we will not appeal again.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Ram Janambhoomi and the Ayodhya Land Dispute of Babri Mosque is eagerly awaited by the Supreme Court. At the same time, Muslim party Iqbal Ansari gave a statement on this and said that ‘the time has come for the verdict, whatever decision the court will take, we accept it. He further said that whatever the decision is expected Ayodhya will progress. For the last 70 years, politics was being done on this. At least now there will be development, not politics.

Iqbal Ansari clearly said Now no other petition will be filed regarding this matter. We are Muslims of India and we have the same values, Iqbal Ansari will accept whatever decision is coming, whether it is a party or an opposition.

The Supreme Court has reserved the decision to tell you that on Wednesday in the Supreme Court of India on the Ayodhya Land Dispute of the country’s decades-old Ram Janam bhoomi and Babri Mosque. Historical debate is over. After this hearing which lasted for 40 days, the Constitution Bench reserved its decision and asked all the parties to give a written reply to the court on the molding of relief in 3 days. After the debate was over, Hindu Mahasabha lawyer Varun Sinha said that the Supreme Court has reserved the verdict. Now it is clear that a decision will come in this matter within 23 days.

Iqbar Ansari said in the morning that – we stand by our point. The SC  on the letter given by Sunni Waqf Board through Shri Ram Panchu, whether or not the Supreme Court accepts their letter or depends on the court. Our lawyer has said that no such thing has ever come to the fore when we will see it. Iqbal Ansari further said that everyone has the right to make his point, but the court will decide on the basis of evidence in its own way. If a letter comes through the Madhya Pradesh Committee, then the Supreme Court will consider it, it is a matter of the Supreme Court.

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