‘I will not let the country bow down’, Nadda bluntly on Rahul’s stance – how long will Congress lie on China

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over reports of China claiming a village in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh. Now BJP’s national president Jagat Prakash Nadda has asked questions to the Congress MP. He asked the MP from Wayanad how long the Congress would continue to lie on China. He also targeted Rahul strongly on the Corona Virus Vaccine, Farmers Movement, APMC Act.
JP Nadda said, ‘Now that Mr. Rahul Gandhi has returned from his monthly leave, I would like to ask him some questions. I hope he will answer these in today’s press conference. When will Rahul Gandhi, his family and the Congress stop lying on China? Can he deny that he was referring to thousands of kilometers of land, including that of Arunachal Pradesh, as gifted to China by none other than Pandit Nehru? Time and again, why does the Congress surrender to China? ‘
Nadda asked the Congress leader, ‘Rahul Gandhi did not leave any chance to degrade the country in the fight against Covid-19. Today, when the lowest number of cases are coming in India and our scientists have made a vaccine, why did they not congratulate the scientists even once and appreciated 130 crore Indians?

Nadda also questioned Rahul about the farmers. The BJP president said, ‘When will the Congress stop instigating and misleading the farmers of India? Why did the UPA stop the Swaminathan Commission report for years and not increase the MSP? Why did farmers remain in poverty for decades under the Congress government? Do they feel sympathy towards the farmers only while in opposition? ‘

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