How ganesh Acharya lost 98 kg,said in kapil show

There are many such celebs in Bollywood who surprise everyone with their Fat to Fit Journey.  Those who always see you in increased weight suddenly start seeing handsome.  Such a journey has been done by choreographer Ganesh Acharya.

 Ganesh Acharya recently came on The Kapil Sharma Show.  Geeta Kapoor and Terence also attended with him.  A promo has been shared by the makers, which has become quite viral.
 Ganesh has told about his fitness journey on Kapil’s show.  When Kapil asks Ganesh how much weight he has lost, this time the choreographer has given a surprising answer.
 They say- I have lost 98 kg.  Everyone was stunned by Ganesh’s answer and just kept looking at him.  But Kapil Sharma, who took a nip on everything, did not let this opportunity go by hand.

 On Ganesh’s statement, Kapil said – In small towns there are 46 kg men.  Here you have made two men disappear.  Kapil’s witty style made everyone laugh.How choreographer Ganesh Acharya lost 98 kg, told on Kapil’s show

 By the way, Ganesh Acharya has explained in detail about his fitness on many occasions.  According to him, this journey of fat to fit has been very difficult for him.  They have faced many challenges.

 According to the choreograph, he had become a full-fledged 200 kg.  He had gained that weight due to one of his films.  But after that Ganesh started gyming and he lost so much weight.  Now Ganesh keeps sharing many of his photos on social media.  Seeing his fitness, all are compelled to praise him.

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