Government will be formed, if BJP’s master plan is not made with Shiv Sena.

Six days have passed since the results of Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019. Even after getting a clear mandate to the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance, the path of government formation has not been cleared yet. With the election trends, Shiv Sena started imposing new conditions on BJP. According to the new condition, the Shiv Sena wants half the number in the cabinet and the chief minister’s post for the first two and a half years, but the BJP is not ready to accept this proposal of Shiv Sena under any circumstances. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has also announced this matter himself. By the way, if we look at the tenure of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, it should be constituted before November 9. If this is not done then constitutional crisis may arise.

Preparing to repeat BJP Plan 2014
After several rounds of negotiations failed, a faction of BJP has also started preparing to form a government without the Shiv Sena. It has been named ‘Plan 2014’. If sources are to be believed, BJP can form government alone in Maharashtra like 2014. If you look at the Assembly data, it seems a bit difficult, but those who know the BJP national president Amit Shah and his style of work, know that the BJP can somehow form a government in Maharashtra. To know this plan, it will be necessary to look at the 2014 majority test of the BJP government. In this majority test, Shiv Sena stood against the BJP till the end but in the last moment it had to come with BJP indirectly.

This is BJP’s master plan – plan 2014
According to the BJP’s master plan, if the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) walks out of the House at the time of the vote of confidence, the government can prove its majority. In fact, in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly of 288 members, if the NCP with 54 members drops out of the majority game, this number will be 234. That means the figure of majority will be 118, in which BJP has 105 seats, in such a situation it will need only 13 MLAs.

In the Maharashtra Assembly election results, 13 independents have been elected and above 15 MLAs are from small parties. In such a situation, if Formula 2014 works, the path of power will become easy for BJP. However, the NCP has not opened its cards yet. Sometimes she indicates to support the Shiv Sena, sometimes she sits in the opposition. But on what occasion Sharad Pawar, an expert in politics, can only guess which bet will play.

Let us know that in the results of the Maharashtra Assembly elections on Thursday last week, BJP has emerged as the largest party by winning 105 seats. At the same time, its ally Shiv Sena has captured 56 seats. The NCP has 54 seats in its account, while Congress won 44 seats and finished fourth.

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