Government will ask for options from farmers and will complete another formalization of talks

Farmers’ organizations have been working for the last three days to form an aggressive strategy in view of the attitude of the government. A little bit of tussle has also started in the farmers organizations. Some organizations want to take a slightly loose stance with the government, while the farmers associations of Punjab, Western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana are adamant about their objective in the interest of farmers. On the other hand, the government is working on a strategy to take advantage of the situation of differences between farmers’ organizations. According to information received from Ministry sources, the Central Government is not going to come to the negotiating table by doing any special homework for the January 20 talks.

It is said that the government will discuss each point of the three agricultural laws with the farmers’ organizations on Wednesday, January 20 and will seek options from the farmers. Farmers’ organizations have made up their mind to repeal the three agricultural laws from the government and demand a purchase guarantee on the MSP. Overall, the chances of reaching any conclusion of the talks are slim. Chaudhary Harpal Singh, president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (real) apolitical, says that the result of the first day’s talks with the government is the same today. There is no change in the original situation. Harpal Singh says that the government is only avoiding chops on the pretext of talks.According to Punjab farmer leader Harmeet Singh Kadian, the intention of the government is not clear. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Piyush Goyal come only to talk to the farmers. Kadian says that every time farmers join the talks with hope and return empty handed.
Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Commerce and Railways Minister Piyush Goyal have made it clear that the Central Government is not going to repeal the three agricultural laws. The farmers should give up their insistence. Tomar says that farmers should point out flaws in all three laws and the government is ready to discuss them and make appropriate amendments. Even on other questions like purchase guarantee on MSP, the central government is seeking to suggest its option from the farmers.

There is still no change in this attitude of the government. Sources in the farmers’ organization and the government say that the central government is ready to make more than a dozen amendments to the three laws. However, the farmers’ organizations say that the amendments on which the government is preparing, will not solve any specific purpose of farmer interest. So when there are flaws in the law, then the government should cancel it. The legislation brought renewed discussion in the agricultural interest.

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