Farmers can protest in front of Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar

Kisan Mela, normally held in a very calm environment, can be ruckus this time. It is feared that when Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar comes to inaugurate the fair, farmers here may oppose him. During this, Minister of State for Agriculture Purushottam Bhai Rupala will also be present with him. The farmers are angry with the central government due to three new laws and have been agitating for three months demanding their withdrawal. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is the chief negotiator between the talks between the central government and the farmers.
The ‘Kisan Mela’ will be held from 25 February to 27 February. Farmers are coming from all over the country to participate in it. A large number of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, the main lands of the peasant movement, are reaching out to participate in the fair. In such a situation, there is a possibility that the farmers may express their opposition to the ministers on this occasion.

Six sessions of talks are held at the ‘Kisan Mela’. An important session has also been put on the new agricultural laws. In this session, senior scientists will talk about the benefits to farmers from new agricultural laws. Farmers will be able to get solutions to their apprehensions on agricultural laws.

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