Corona virus crisis worsening in Europe


Italy has imposed a lock down, and opted for deployment of army and has put its economy at risk in an attempt to stop the spread of corona virus.

Still its toll is growing exponentially by the day: officials reported 793 additional deaths on Saturday; it is by far the largest single-day increase in causalities. Italy has surpassed China as the country with the highest death toll, and has become the epicenter of a shifting global pandemic.

The  authorities in Germany have  banned people in Berlin from meeting in groups of more than 10 people, lawmakers, courts and those providing essential services are kept in exception, and Spain’s health ministry reported an increase in the number of corona virus deaths to 1,326 and total cases to 25,000, a rise of about 25 percent from a day earlier.

The hospitals of  Madrid  region, which  had 60 percent of Spain’s cases,  are overflowing and facing equipment shortages. Officials have ordered  a field hospital with about 5,500 beds be set up in the Spanish capital’s main exhibition center

 The effects of the virus are being felt throughout Europe. Poland has reported less than 500 cases, but one of the country’s hospitals was shut down and evacuated on Saturday after 30 patients and staff members were found to have the virus.

France has emerged as  one of the hardest hit countries in Europe, raised its totals to 14,459 confirmed cases and 562 deaths, and said it had ordered over 250 million face masks from French and foreign suppliers.

But Italy’s condition is in the world’s most prominent and critical state , and it is progressively  being seen as a warning for other nations to take note of, in part as  it is still paying the price of mixed messages by scientists and politicians given earlier times. The people who have died due to the virus  in confounding numbers recently — more than 2,300 in the last four days — were mostly infected during the confusion of a week or two ago.

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