Betul buried a minor alive after rape, in Indore, a student was tied in a sack after rape and thrown on the tracks

In Madhya Pradesh , many questions have been raised about the safety of women from the heinous incidents of rape of two daughters.  After raping a 14-year-old minor in Betul district, the accused buried the innocent girl with a stone, but she survived and the accused has been arrested.  At the same time, in Indore (Indore) a student was abducted while going to coaching and then she was allegedly gang raped.  The accused attacked the victim with a knife, locked her in a sack and threw her on the railway track.
 In Betul, the victim went to start the pump at the farm.  When she did not return by evening, the parents started searching for her.  When those people went towards a rivulet, the voice of the girl’s moaning was heard there.  The accused buried him among living stones and thorns.
 Sarani police station in-charge Mahendra Singh Chauhan said that the victim had gone out around 5 pm.  When she did not return after a few hours, her family started searching for her.  The accused threw her into a drain and punched her with a stone.  Before that, he hit the victim’s jaw.  The 35-year-old accused has been arrested under the IPC and the Poxo Act.  The victim has been referred to Nagpur for better treatment.
 At the same time, the second incident is near the railway track located in Bhagarithpura area in Indore.  The woman told the police that she goes to coaching in Patnipura area.  While returning from coaching on Tuesday evening, she found an accused.  There was another young man with him.  The woman alleges that both of them smelled something in her nose  and took her to a flat where some people were already present.  Everyone raped her.  Later, when she threatened to tell the police, she was attacked with a knife and locked in a sack and thrown on the railway track.
 Additional SP Shashikant Kanakane said that after the accused escaped from the scene, the girl screamed and came out of the bag with the help of people. Later people admitted her to MY Hospital.  At present, the police is investigating the case.

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