After leaving Bigg Boss, Pavitra will miss Aijaz the most

In Bigg Boss season 14, the chemistry with Pavitra Punia’s Ejaz Khan has been amazing.  There was also a quarrel between the two, but the one thing that almost all the contestants of the house noted about the Holy was that the Holy One feels afflicted by the Aijaz.  At the same time, Ejaz, while bringing his heart to Juban, told Pavitra in an episode that he has now started seeing him differently.
 The news of how much Pavita likes Ijaz was found once again when in Friday’s episode, Pavitra said that if she gets eliminated, then the person inside the house that she will miss the most will be Ijaz.  It is known that Pavitra has been nominated this week and she said that if she goes home, she will not feel bad at all.
 Pavitra said that if she had been evict some time ago, she might have felt bad because she started feeling attached to the house then, but now it is not so.  Pavitra said in front of the famous actor that the one person she will miss the most from this house will be Ijaz.  Later, the two were seen spending some good time with each other, in which the holy Ijaz’s shoulder was seen shaking which was injured.

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