Abhishek Makwana, author of Taarak Mehta commits suicide

According to the information coming out through the Mumbai Police, Abhishek has also left a suicide note before the suicide.  In this, he has written about the lack of money.
 Abhishek committed suicide on 27 November.  His family alleges that Abhishek was a victim of cyber fraud and was being blackmailed.  Abhishek was found hanging from a fan in his house in Kandivali, Mumbai.  The police is investigating in this case.  The family’s statement has been recorded in this case.
 The family did not know about the problems
 It is being told that Abhishek’s family did not know about his problems.  His brother Janice said that after the death of the writer, he came to know about his financial troubles, because he started receiving calls from people from different numbers.  He said, ‘I checked my brother’s email.  Because ever since he has passed, people are calling me and asking for money, which he had borrowed.
 He told that he is getting calls not only from India but also from outside countries.  He said, ‘One call was from Bangladesh, the other came from Myanmar and some from different parts of India.’  According to Janis, ‘What I understood from my brother’s e-mail records is that he had a small loan taken from Easy Loan app, whose interest was very high.’

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