Aamir Khan’s nephew actor Imran Khan left acting, his close friend revealed

 Emraan Khan, who has worked in many films has decided to quit acting.  Emraan who was running on the big screen for a long time, has now stopped acting.

 Akshay Oberoi, a close friend of Imran, has told this in an interview to a news portal.  According to him, Imran Khan has now decided to leave his profession.

 Akshay said My best friend Imran Khan is no longer an actor.  He has left acting.  He is my closest friend.   We have known each other from18 years.
 At the same time, Akshay has not given a clear answer to the question of what is Imran’s future plan after acting.  But he fully hopes that Imran can leave acting and step into the world of direction.

 According to him, Imran Khan has a good understanding of cinema, in case he can direct a film of his own.  But for now Imran Khan is going to stay away from the limelight.

Akshay also believes that flop films are part of everyone’s career.  Imran Khan also worked in many films. 

 Talking about Imran’s film career, he was last seen in the film Katti Batti.  In the film, he worked with Kangana Ranaut.  Apart from this, Imran has worked in films like Jaane Tu Jaane Na, Kidnap, Luck, I Hate Love Story.  The actor was well liked in the film Deli Bailey.

 Imran worked as a child artist in Aamir Khan’s film Qayamat Se Qayamat and Jo Jeeta whi Sikandar.  After this he made his debut in the year 2008 and he remained active till 2015.

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