118 deaths from Corona in 24 hours, challan of 2 thousand will be cut from today, alert in Noida-Gurugram

Every attempt to control the coronavirus in Delhi is proving to be a failure.  Every day new figures of Corona are increasing in the country’s capital.  The situation is that the infection of Delhi is now beginning to show effect on the NCR areas also.  Random testing is being done at Noida and Gurugram border.  Everyday, new figures of Corona are knocking in panic.
 In Delhi, the number of people who died from Corona has reached 8 thousand 159.  As of late Friday night, 118 people died of corona in Delhi in 24 hours, while 6608 new corona patients have emerged.  With which the number of infected has reached more than 5.17 lakh.  Due to the increasing data of Corona in Delhi, there is a possibility of epidemic again in NCR.
 According to the data released on Friday, there are more than 1400 active cases of corona in Noida at this time.  So far, more than 21,000 cases of corona have been reported in Noida, while 74 people have died.  Random testing is being done at Noida and Gurugram border to prevent corona infection.

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